Keeping Your Bichon Frise Cozy During the Winter Months 

Are you the proud owner of a Bichon Frise? Congratulations! If this is your first winter with the pup, you may be wondering what kind of preparation is needed to help keep him or her safe and warm during the cold months. Not to worry — here’s your guide to keeping your cuddly canine companion cozy throughout the season! 

Winter Gear For Your Bichon Frise 

Your Bichon Frise may not have a thick fur coat yet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t bundle up like any other pup! A sweater or coat is essential for walks in chilly weather and will keep them nice and warm. If you plan on taking your pup on any snowy adventures, consider getting them a pair of boots as well — it’ll protect their paws from falling temperatures. Be sure to get one with a good grip so they don’t slip on icy patches. 

Indoor Comfort Tips 

When temperatures start to dip indoors, there are still plenty of ways to keep your Bichon Frise comfy at home. One great idea is to buy heated pet beds for them (or make one yourself!) so they can stay snuggled up when it’s too cold outside. Additionally, make sure their diet is balanced with enough fats and proteins to help them generate their own body heat. You can also boost the warmth in your house by cranking up the thermostat or using an electric blanket on your bed if you’re feeling extra chilly! 

Grooming Matters Too 

It’s important not to forget about grooming during the winter months! With all that extra fur lying around, it’s easy for dirt and debris to accumulate quickly. Brush out those tangles regularly with a soft brush and give them regular baths (no more than once per month). This will help prevent their skin from drying out in addition to keeping their fur clean and tangle-free. 

Keeping your Bichon Frise cozy during the winter months doesn’t have to be complicated — just be sure they have all the essential gear for outdoor activities, set up some indoor comfort tips, and don’t forget about regular grooming sessions! With these simple steps, both you and your pup can stay snug as a bug through even the chilliest days ahead. Happy snuggling!

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The Bichon Frise: The Perfect Christmas Dog?

Are you looking for a small, hypoallergenic, and low-maintenance dog to add to your family this holiday season? If so, then you may want to consider the Bichon Frise! This breed is perfect for those with allergies, as they do not shed. They are also great with children and other pets. And, they require very little exercise, making them the perfect dog for those cold winter days when you just want to stay indoors. Here are some more reasons why the Bichon Frise may be the perfect Christmas dog for you and your family!

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Perfect Gifts for the Bichon Frise Lover in Your Life

A Bichon Frise t-shirt. Isn’t it cute!! Give the gift of style with this trendy t-shirt that is 100% cotton and very soft, that is perfect for everyday wear. Design features a silhouette of a Bichon Frise loving lady and her adorable Bichon Frise dog all wrapped up in her arms with lots and lots of Bichon love!! Available at They’ll love showing off their love for their furry friend wherever they go!

Sweater weather is definitely here, and any Bichon owner would absolutely love these!! These are available at in 100% soft cozy cotton and multiple colorways in sizes small – 4XL unisex. Design features a silhouette of a Bichon Frise loving lady and her adorable Bichon Frise dog all wrapped up in her arms with lots and lots of Bichon love!! They’ll love showing off their love for their furry friend wherever they go!

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Bichon Frise Puppy Dog Stamps Around the World

For you stamp collectors and Bichon Firse puppy dog lovers, you are in for a real treat as we discovered this really neat website showcasing Bichon Frise stamps from around the world! Some of the stamps you will find:
Bichon Frise stamp – Adjaria, Republic within Georgia, of the former Soviet Union.
Bichon Frise stamp – Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Bichon Frise stamp-  Buriatia
Bichon Frise stamp – Republic of Central Africa
Bichon Frise stamp – Chad, Africa
Bichon Frise stamp- Finland
Bichon Frise stamp – Hakasia
Bichon Frise stamp – Komi
Bichon Frise stamp – Turkmenistan
Bichon Frise Souvenir stamps – Cuba
Bichon Frise Souvenir stamps – Mozambique
Visit here for more.

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7 Bichon Frise Puppy Naming Tips


You’ve picked out the perfect little white Bichon Frise puppy. You spent hours on the internet, researching the right breed for you and your family. Then you went from breeder to breeder or humane society to humane society, meeting and greeting Bichon pups until you find just the right match. Now what? He/She needs a name! Over the course of its life, you will use your Bichon Frise’s dog’s name more than 35,000 times. So be sure you’re picking a name you can live with and love. With these seven simple steps, the key to finding the perfect Bichon puppy name is at your fingertips! Continue reading here.

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What to Feed Your Dog for Thanksgiving Dinner

As we get ready to prepare the annual Thanksgiving feast, we must remember that our Bichon Frise dogs also love to participate in the celebration and especially in the eating part of the holiday but not all of Thanksgiving foods are healthy or safe for our Bichons. Here is a dog safe Thanksgiving meal all ready to be enjoyed by our Bichons “Merrick Dog Thanksgiving Day Dinner” and this Thanksgiving Day Dinner is prepared with Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Green Beans, & Granny Smith Apples. Details here. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, may you all be surrounded by your family, friends, and Bichon Frise’s!!

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On Sale – Gingerbread Plush Toys for Dogs at PetSmart

We were at PetSmart today picking up some dog food for our Bichon Luna and they have so many cute Gingerbread toys for dogs by Martha Stewart. They have so many Gingerbread items on sale right now and so many to choose from and you know they won’t last long-

Martha Stewart Pets™ Crinkle Gingerbread w/ Teether
Martha Stewart Pets® Tree w/ Gingerman & Present Intelligence Toy
Martha Stewart Pets™ Gingerbread Boy/Girl Squeaker Toy
Martha Stewart Pets™ Gingerbread Boy/Girl Blanket
Martha Stewart Pets™ Tennis Ball Body Gingerbread Boy/Girl
Martha Stewart Pets™ Gingerbread Teething Ring
Martha Stewart Pets™ Small Plush Gingerbread Boy/Girl

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Healthy Bichon Frise Summer Dog Treats

It is well into the tripple digits where we are in the Southern USA and our Bichon Luna is panting all the time even though we keep the house a cool 70 degrees. Luna sure has the begging turned up when we are eagerly in need of relief by way of snacking on ice cream and popsicles. We have been fortunate in finding some pretty good watermelon lately and keep it ice cold in the fridge and have been enjoying some wedges lately and sharing them with Luna. Although dogs are not able to eat all fruits that we humans eat they are able to consume a lot and really enjoy them especially if they are chilled during the hot summer months. Dogsuite has a good article about what fruits to give and what fruits to avoid giving our Bichon Frise dogs.

Fruits that are Healthy for Dogs to Eat

Some fruits are actually recommended as treats for dogs by vets and are even now used in high quality treats given to dogs. Below are the fruits that offer the most benefits for your dog’s health.

Apples are high in carotenes and pectin. Pectin is a gel forming fiber and can improve the intestinal muscle’s ability to push waste through. Pectin also helps find and eliminate toxins. Apples are also high in essential vitamins like beta carotene, vitamin C and B complex vitamins. Although the apples should not be peeled, they should be washed thoroughly, and it’s important to make sure all of the seeds are removed from the slices fed to dogs.

Pears are another good source of water soluble fiber for dogs. Pears help to tone the intestines and also contain potassium which has many health benefits for dogs. Pears are also high in vitamin C.

Oranges work to strengthen a dog’s immune system in the same way they help to enhance the human immune system. Oranges should only be given to dogs in small amounts, such as a couple of segments, due to their acid. Oranges also offer other basic nutrients that are very beneficial for dogs.

Fruits that are Safe for Dogs to Eat

Seedless Watermelon

Fruits that are Deadly for Dogs to Eat

Although most fruits are harmless to dogs, some can be toxic and even deadly. Certain fruits have toxic effects on the blood of dogs, especially the seeds of certain fruits. Below are the fruits that should always be avoided with dogs.

Grapes and raisins are known to cause kidney failure in many dogs. All dog owners should avoid grapes and raisins completely to be safe.

Cherries, apricots and similar fruits should be avoided.  The seeds and pits of these fruits contain cyanide which is deadly to humans and dogs. However, dogs don’t know better than to avoid the seeds, and due to the drastic size difference for most dogs, can even be deadly.

Tomatoes have been known to cause tremors and heart arrythmias for some dogs and should be avoided.

Avocado fruit is toxic to all dogs. Avocado (not just the pit but also the fruit and plants themselves) can cause difficulty breathing and fluid accumulation in the chest, abdomen and heart.

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Protecting Your Bichon Frise From Poisonous Foods and Household Items

The AKC has put out a really great list of all the poisonous and toxic items we have in our homes. The poisonous items can really make your Bichon Frise sick so we are listing out some common household items and even food items that need to be kept out of your Bichon’s reach. You can get the full lists here at the AKC site of 5 Household Hazardous Areas

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Happy Easter to All Bichon Frises

We at would like to wish all our fellow Bichon lovers a very happy and safe Easter from our Bichon- Luna to yours!

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