Bichon Frise Wins Westminster Best of Group

2013 February 12

Beautiful Bichon Frise ‘Honor‘ wins the Non-Sporting group in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show February 11, 2013.

1st 11     GCH Vogelflight’s Honor To Pillowtalk
Breed: Bichons Frises
Sex: Dog
AKC: NP 20749501
Date of Birth: August 17, 2006
Breeder: Lori & Tracy Kornfield & Mary M Vogel & Kathie D Vogel
Sire: Ch Paray’s I Told You So
Dam: Ch Pillowtalk’s No Secrets
Owner: E M Charles & M & P Abbott & Lori Kornfeld & Mary & Kathie Vogel
Photos: Breed judging / Group judging

Bichon Frise Garden Topiary

2013 January 29

Soon Spring will be upon us and we can enjoy the lovely weather with our Bichon Frise dogs. Spring is also the time to start fixing the yard and getting that ‘green thumb’ going. We found this incredible Bichon Frise dog topiary!! Wouldn’t it make a statement in your yard??? You can find details here-

Have Yourself a Merry Bichon Frise Christmas

2012 December 24
by admin

Merry Christmas to You All from our Bichon Frise Luna!!

Keeping Puppies Safe Over the Holidays

2012 December 12

If you are thinking of getting a new puppy for the holidays or have one currently in your home, there are serious dangers that you need to protect your puppy from this busy holiday season.

This is a terrific article that covers: READ Here

  • Protect your pet from holiday decorations
  • Do not feed your pup from the holiday table
  • Prepare your pup for visitors
  • Get your pup used to confinement
  • Keep your pup from escaping
  • Keep your puppy occupied
  • Don’t ever leave your pup unattended with a Christmas tree or a lit menorah

Hope you are all having a safe and delightful holiday season.

Make a Bichon Frise Felt Christmas Ornament

2012 December 3

Felt ornaments are all the rage once again and it’s a craft/activity the whole family can get involved in so get everyone together to make your felt Bichon Frise doggie ornaments!! The felt Bichon Frise ornament makes a great gift and is a wonderful way to personalize and decorate your Christmas tree. Read here for instructions.

Things You’ll Need:

* Buttons
* Narrow Ribbons
* Beads
* Felt
* Glitter
* Glues
* Holiday Dog- Shaped Cookie Cutters
* Scissors
* Scissors

Happy Thanksgiving – Bichon Frise Style

2012 November 22

Bichonfinder Thanksgiving

Wishing you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, from your friends at

Recycle Sweaters into Dog Beds – CUTE!

2012 October 23

Here is a great idea we came across; take your old sweater and fashion it into an incredible dog bed for your Bichon. Our Luna loves rolling around our clothes and sleeping on top of my husband’s shirts and pants so this ‘sweater bed’ is perfect in that she has a cozy familiar smelling place to rest and it is hers. Also, what a great way to put those old sweaters to use. Imagine taking the old ugly Christmas sweater and making up a bunch of “Christmas” themed beds!! We got the idea here

Parker Posey with her Bichon Gracie

2012 August 29
by admintoo

It is fun to see celebrities with their Bichons. Here is Parker Posey with her Bichon Gracie. Parker was one of the stars in the movie Best in Show….hilarious and entertaining movie that follows various dog owners and handlers on their way to the biggest dog show competition the Mayflower.

Do you clean your Bichon Frise’s Ears?

2012 August 19

Ear cleaning is part of grooming and having a healthy and happy Bichon. When we lived in the South, the humidity would cause our Bichon – Luna to get ear infections and that would require a trip to the vet along with us coming home with vet ear cleaner and meds. Luna does not particularly like having me clean her ears…..I don’t know if it is itchy or what as her little foot gets going like when I find a “itchy” spot for her. Either way, it is important that her floppy Bichon ears remain healthy. I found this article and and ‘how to’ on cleaning ears and thought it was pretty helpful. However, I always recommend talking to you vet about anything you will give or use on your Bichon to find out if it is safe and the proper ways to administer it.

Recycle a Vintage TV Into a Custom Dog Retreat

2012 May 12

Get that old TV out of your basement or parent’s garage and with some paint and fabric you can turn it into a custom dog retreat. Wouldn’t your sweet Bichon Frise just love her own little puppy dog hide-away!! We found this project here for Before and After: Old TV to Dog Bed