Bichon Frise Puppy Dog Stamps Around the World

2014 August 22

For you stamp collectors and Bichon Firse puppy dog lovers, you are in for a real treat as we discovered this really neat website showcasing Bichon Frise stamps from around the world! Some of the stamps you will find:
Bichon Frise stamp – Adjaria, Republic within Georgia, of the former Soviet Union.
Bichon Frise stamp – Ajman, United Arab Emirates
Bichon Frise stamp-  Buriatia
Bichon Frise stamp – Republic of Central Africa
Bichon Frise stamp – Chad, Africa
Bichon Frise stamp- Finland
Bichon Frise stamp – Hakasia
Bichon Frise stamp – Komi
Bichon Frise stamp – Turkmenistan
Bichon Frise Souvenir stamps – Cuba
Bichon Frise Souvenir stamps – Mozambique
Visit here for more.

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