Why is My Bichon Frise Scooting?

2011 January 27

Before getting our Bichon- Luna, we had never even heard of a dog’s anal glands. It wasn’t until our Luna was scooting around across the floor and at times a strong odor would waft from her back end that we learned about it. We were at the vets office and mentioned Luna scooting and the particular odor when he said her anal glands may be full and needed to be expressed. He then took her into the back room and shortly after a happy Luna emerged. We have done some research on this subject since, and thought it was good information that can keep your Bichon healthy so please read below.

Anal gland problems occur when a Bichon Frise’s feces are too soft, and while passing through the glands, do not empty them completely. If the glands produce too much liquid, it can thicken and clog the gland.  Dogs have two anal glands beneath the skin near their anus. You will know that your Bichon is having a problem when they begin to lick themselves frequently and attempt to drag their bottoms along the floor in a scooting motion.  The glands can become infected – continue reading.

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