Bichons on Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101”

2009 March 29
by admin

Tonight, after finishing playing a bit with Luna, we were all relaxing in the family room. There are a group of channels we hit, first is the animal channels then onto the news…

An hour show had just started on the Animal Planet channel covering a couple stand out dog breads. They explained the heritage and the strengths of each dog. At the end of the reviews the show ranked each for amount of grooming, if they were family friendly, temperature tolerance, and more.

Of course, the Bichon was in this small group. It was such a pleasure to see a review done by a show that was definitely done by Bichon families. Not the normal review talking about Bichon’s being little cute dogs. Instead, they covered the family attitude of our little friends. Their desire to please, tricks, and even their smiles that will take all of our work day worries go away. The segment wrapped up with a story about a poor little one with a heart condition… we don’t want to ruin the show ending but everyone is alive and playing today!

Here is just the Bichon part of the show that we found on YouTube – enjoy!!

Bichons on Animal Planet Special

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