Forget Microchipping your Bichon Frise, try GPS Instead

2010 March 24

With technology moving at such a fast pace, microchipping is now considered retro among many Bichon Frise owners and they are opting instead for a GPS (GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM) to track their beloved dog(s). GPS-based devices like Globalpetfinder and PetsCell are the equivalent of doggy LoJack: If your Bichon Firse leaves the yard, you’re going to know. If the Bichon strays outside the boundary, an alert is sent to your cell phone or computer, along with a continuously updated location. PetsCell takes the concept a step further: The collar-based device is also a cell phone that allows a dog to hear his master’s voice.

We have our Luna microchipped and realize this only provides some comfort to us if she should get lost or stolen as whoever finds her must have a microchip scanner and actually scan her. But, technology is a cool thing for sure in keeping our Bichon Frise puppy dogs close by! Read more.

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