Bichon Friendly Hotels & Airplanes

2009 January 6

For those of us that tend to travel often or frequently, we often feel “guilty” for leaving our little Bichons with friends or boarding them at the local kennel. Well, in case you did know that if your preferred method of travel is via airplane, you can actually bring your Bichon onboard with you. We travel quite a bit with our Luna and she does just fine and we feel relaxed because we are all together. It is important to know that you will need to make your Bichon a “pet reservation” via the airline you choose and you will have to put your Bichon in an airline regulated carry bagĀ  – we use a large size Sherpa brand bag and it is mesh on most sides so Luna can look out of it, turn around in it and get air from pretty much all sides. When we board the plan Luna mustĀ  be in her bag and placed on the floor next to our legs under the seat. Airlines do charge a “pet fee” for each way direct/round trip and there usually cannot be more two dogs on the plane so it is important to call your airline and reserve your Bichon’s spot.

As you plan your travels you may need a pet friendly hotel when you reach your destination. A great site to find many pet friendly hotels in most all US cities can be found by visiting here.

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