Bichon Frise Dog Ear Yeast Infection

2011 April 20

It is Spring time and that means our fluffy Bichons can get yeast infections in their ears. Our Bichon Luna, seems to be prone to itchy ears this time of year and even itchy paws. We have taken her to the Vet to get checked out and yep, she has a yeast infection in her ears. The Vet tells us that it is not painful but makes the ears itchy and that is why Luna keeps scratching her ears and even rolling around the floor and scratching her head and ears.  Her paws get itchy too and that is why she keeps going after them. (Please be sure to have your Vet check the ears of your Bichon as your Bichon might have another type of problem or ear infection that is painful and needs to be treated)

Dogs that have floppy ears like our Bichon Frise dogs are good candidates for getting yeast in the ears as the ears are moist and not much air gets in to circulate and yeast likes an environment that is dark and moist to grow which is prevalent during Spring. The yeast is dark and looks like greasy dirt. We have a special ear solution to use that the Vet gave us and he was so nice and showed us how to properly clean her ears and to NEVER go to far down or sideways as the ears go straight into their heads! Luna was super good for the Vet but when I try to clean her ears she is rather fidgety. The ear solution does seem to be helping tremendously.

Here is a website that has 5 tips for Dog Ear Yeast Infections that is very informative.

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