Create a Bichon Frise Pinterest Board

2012 March 13

Pinterest it seems is growing each and every day with new members. Pinterest is an online free community bulletin board where you get your own page and can pin photos virtually to your bulletin boards.  If you can think of a theme a color a subject then you can create a bulletin board to match and pin pictures you find online and pics of your own you upload. What’s cool about Pinterest is that your virtual boards start to get noticed by the Pinterest online community and they start to follow you and re-pin your pics onto their boards as well as “like” your pics by clicking the ‘like’ button and before you know it, you have a bunch of followers who like your boards and pictures and you too can like and re-pin their pics too onto your boards.

I think all of us Bichon Frise lovers should create a “Bichon Frise” board!! I created my Bichon Frise board and am having such fun pinning pics of our Bichon Luna as well as the cute Bichons I find online. I would love to see your Bichon Frise pics on Pinterest!!

Martha Stewart at Westminster Dog Show with Bichon Frise

2012 February 17

Martha Stewart was at the very recent 2012 Westminster Dog Show earlier this week and she stopped to pose with a beautiful Bichon Frise! Martha’s Chow Chow won its breed Monday. Visit here for the full article.

Raincoats for Your Bichon Frise Dog

2012 January 25

A New year is upon us and that means getting more exercise as the vet let us know our little Luna needs to drop some pounds. The weather right now is very rainy where we are and Luna does not like being out in it and her coat gets all matted. I have been trying to look online for some options and found these rain coats. I also found an umbrella that attaches to the leash. I am not sure which option is better. What do you all do with your Bichons when they really don’t want to go out in the rain?

Luna Loves her Petco Gingerbread Man Dog Toy

2011 December 3

‘Tis the season for Christmas fun and joy and toys for our Bichon Frise dogs. We were just at Petco and they have a really sweet selection of adorable Christmas/Holiday themed toys and clothing for dogs. We just couldn’t resist this sweet Gingerbread Man toy as it has a bottle inside and our Luna just loves to play with toys that have a nice and crunchable bottle inside them. Gingerbread mans head has a squeaker and squeaks and the outside is a plush type material with Velcro closure in back so you can remove/replace bottle. Our Bichon Frise Luna is pictured here playing with her new Petco Gingerbread Man toy!!

Gingerbread Dog House for Your Puppy Dog

2011 November 6

HI everyone. With the holidays just around the corner and for those of us that make a Gingerbread House each year, why not make that Gingerbread House with a “twist” this year and make it a Gingerbread Dog House in honor of your fluffy Bichon Frise!! You could make two versions of the Gingerbread Dog House if you are up for it…one version could be for humans of course and help you use up left over Halloween candy and the second version could be Bichon Friendly and made from dog treats and goodies…. I will look for a dog friendly recipe and post it up. Cheers everyone!!

Happy Halloween Buzzing Bee Bichon Frise Costume

2011 October 30

Hi everyonee, Happy Halloween! What is your Bichon Frise dressed up as today?? Here is an adorable buzzing bee Halloween Bichon Frise costume. Send us your Bichon Frise Halloween pictures as we would love to see your dogs all dressed up. Remember….only “safe” dog friendly treats allowed today on Halloween for your Bichon Frises.

Love These Bichon Frise Salt and Pepper Shakers

2011 September 11

We get asked all the time by Bichon Frise lovers where can they find some Bichon Frise themed salt and pepper shakers. Today, we came across these lovely Bichon Frise S & Ps and think they would make a great addition to any Bichon Frise breed collection as well as would look fabulous on your dining room table. These really are so cute and they are very reasonably priced too. These would make a great gift. Details Here.

Pink Embroidered Bichon Frise Boutique Tote Bag

2011 September 2

Bichon Frise Tote Bag Embroidered by Dogmania

Long Handled Tote Bag in 100% Cotton Embroidered with a Breed Accurate Scenic Design from our Dogmania Range

The Design Size is Approximately 15cm x 15cm and is Embroidered on One Side of the Bag Only

We are the Designers, Manufacturers and Sole Distributors of these Tote Bags which are Embroidered by Ourselves in Very Tiny and Exclusive Quantities. DETAILS HERE

Available in Royal Blue, Green, Fuschia, Red or Black

  • 100% Cotton – 140gsm (4.1oz/yd²)
  • Can be carried by hand or over the shoulder
  • Dimensions: 42 x 38 cm
  • Capacity: 10 Litres

Gluten Free vs. Vegan Diet for Your Bichon Frise

2011 August 17

Having recently moved to sunny wine country in Northern California we are encountering many new things and one of the newest is that there are lots of folks that are Vegan or Gluten Free aside from many things being Organic and Natural. Having just moved from the South where everything is pretty much steak, deep-fried, and potions bigger than you can handle, this whole thing with special diets (whether necessary, a new way of life, or just a fad) are very hip happening in our new town. One of the most interesting is that there are even dogs on Gluten Free or Vegan diets.

Growing up we were taught that dogs are meat eaters and should eat meat and not much grains. Today however, your dog it seems can eat exactly the way you eat and still remain healthy if you are on a Gluten Free or Vegan diet.  Our Bichon Frise Luna currently is on a Purina diet where she gets her healthy helping of dry dog food and we give her healthy snacks like fresh asparagus, broccoli florets, carrots, apples and she really likes baby bok choy too. Is your Bichon Vegan or Gluten Free? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. An interesting article to read on this can be found here.

Bichon Frise Doggy Office Decor

2011 July 29
by admin

Bichon Paper Weight

I am in the midst of changing my office around; tossing out old files, binders, etc… when I began looking for Bichon Frise themed office accessories. So far, I have found this gorgeous Bichon Frise paperweight that is designed in the English style and has french cut glass and though it would look so nice holding down papers or stacked upon some books. Details here.