Chilly Bone Relief For Your HOT Dog

2010 July 15

Just came across this interesting dog chew called “Chilly Bone” and it is designed for adult dogs and teething puppies. It is apparently Vanilla favored and you wet it and place it in the freezer and after a couple hours take it out and give it to your dog. Because it is a tasty frozen dog chew made out of reusable canvas it can be frozen over and over. During summer and hot weather your dog can cool off a bit by licking the Chilly Bone and puppies that are teething can get some cool relief from sore and itchy gums and teeth. I think our Bichon Frise Luna might like the Chilly Bone and I hope it cools her down a bit as the temperature is in the triple digits this time of year for us and Luna even though she is an in-door princess with lots of air conditioning and an endless supply of fresh cold clean water she still gets hot with her Bichon Frise puff ball coat!! Hope you are all enjoying your Summer! More Chilly Bone Information Here.

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