Winter Grooming for Your Bichon Frise Dog

2010 January 20

Does your Bichon Frise have itchy skin? Does your Bichon’s nails seem to grow faster in the Winter? What about putting booties on your Bichon’s paws? All these questions and more answered as we cover Winter Grooming for your Bichon Frise dog:

Is it safe to bathe my Bichon Frise dog in winter?
Contrary to popular opinion, your pet actually needs regular shampooing during the winter months to keep his skin and coat healthy. In fact, done properly, a bath can help to reduce dryness, matting and related skin problems. Always follow the shampoo with a conditioning rinse or moisturizing treatment.

Don’t be tempted to use your own hair care products on your pet. Animal’s skin has a different pH from human skin, so choose products specially formulated for pets. If your pet’s skin seems especially dry or scaly, he may need a medicated treatment. If you aren’t sure which products are right for your pet, consult a professional groomer for product recommendations.

Should I leave my Bichon Frise’s hair long in winter to keep him warm?
If your pet is a breed that requires regular trimming, it’s important to maintain his haircut schedule year round. Allowing his hair to “grow in for the winter” can result in increased matting, which is a major cause of skin problems. If you decide to leave his coat longer for the winter, be prepared to brush him daily to prevent matting.

If you’re concerned about your pet being cold when he’s outdoors, a sweater or fleece coat is a better option than leaving his coat long.

My Bichon Frise seems to itch a lot more during the winter. What can I do?
With windows closed and heaters on, low humidity indoors can make your pet’s skin dry and itchy. Regular brushing stimulates the natural oils in the skin and helps to counteract dryness and keep your pet more comfortable.

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