Bichon Frise Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

2009 October 17

Aren’t these neat! These are Bichon Frise themed Halloween Pumpkin centerpieces all hand painted. The pumpkin features Bichon’s trick or treating all dressed up as a fairy princess, a cowboy , a witch and a vampire. They have to watch out for all the scary things out on Halloween night. Bats are flying in the air along with a witch and the glowing ghost, owls are in the tree watching and black cat is waiting on the path and a cauldron of bones. Their are 4 haunted houses, even a grave yard and a full moon that glows in the dark in the background. The artist used a blend of metallic paints in pretty autumn colors, gold copper, bronze, glow in the dark paint on the ghost and in the windows. Visit here for details.

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