Does Your Bichon Frise Scratch at Her Ears and Paws?

2009 August 22
by admintoo


Our Bichon Frise- Luna goes to the groomers every two weeks as she is on a maintanance plan to help with all the knots she is prone to with that double Bichon Frise coat. The groomer does a good job on her but the last couple times one of her ears didn’t look like it was being cleaned as well as the other ear. We started trying to clean her ear at home but she was getting sensitive and would shake her head a lot, roll on the floor rubbing her ear and nose and paw at her ear. Luna was doing this for a few days and her ear would get dirty again and cleaning was not helping so an appointment with the vet was made.

We took her to the vet this morning and it turns out she has  a ear yeast infection. The vet explained to us that just as humans have seasonal allergies with coughing and running noses, dogs get allergies too like pollen, but theirs usually turns into an ear infection and they can also chew at their paws as they are itchy.  Dogs with floppy ears can be more susceptible to yeast infection in the ears more than dogs with erect ears, because their ears provide a warm, dark place for yeast to grow. The vet sent us home with some dog ear cleaner and medicated ear drops for Luna.

Have any of your Bichons had ear infections?Do any of your Bichons have allergies?We would very much like to hear from you and learn what you do to help your Bichons with their allergies.

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