Preparing Your Bichon Frise Dog For The Boarding Kennel

2010 September 25
by admintoo

2 bichons

It’s time to head to for your summer vacation or for your long awaited week of vacation. But, what do you do with your Bichon Frise dogs? Some people are unable to face the prospects of boarding their Bichon Frise and therefore, they stay home. Others either impose on their friends or hire “pet sitters” to come into their homes. And finally, a vast number of people choose to board their Bichon’s in kennels. Before committing your Bichon to a particular kennel, you should visit the facility for a personal inspection. Does it appear to be clean, does it smell clean, is it well lit and ventilated? How is the temperature? Are the cages and runs of adequate size? A phone call to the American Boarding Kennels Association (719-667-1600) will determine if the kennel under consideration meets accepted standards and is accredited. Read more.

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