Metal Robotic Bichon Frise

2009 May 25
by admin

Making this Bichon dog is a perfect project for you and your kids to do together, you can even make a one using tin cans. Almost everything you need can be found in your tool chest, kitchen cabinet, and recycling bin. Use a smooth-edge can opener to prevent any injuries, or rub jagged edges with emery paper prior to assembly.

Tools and Materials
Large can (such as one that held crushed or whole tomatoes)
Small can (such as one that held kidney beans)
Smooth-edge can opener
Drill, with 3/16-inch drill bit
No. 8 bolt with nut
Extension spring
4 small casters
Liquid Nails adhesive
Heavy-duty peel-and-stick Velcro
Emery paper
Two 1/2-inch cable straps
Bolts, washers, and wing nuts
Metallic scouring pad
Pipe clamp
Large flat magnet
Red horseshoe magnet

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