Does Your Bichon Frise Have Itchy Skin? 5 Things That Can Help

2009 May 2
by admin

Does your Bichon Frise have itchy skin? Does she chew her paws? Does he roll around scratching his face and back on the carpet? Could your Bichon Frise have dog allergies? Only 1 in 20 itchy dogs is truly allergic. Most veterinary nutritionists now believe that only about one in twenty itchy dogs is actually allergic to any of the ingredients commonly found in high-quality natural dog foods. For the large majority of dogs with itchy skin, the problem is that the dog’s diet doesn’t meet all of its nutritional needs, or that the dog has built up an intolerance to something in the food, not that the dog is allergic to a specific ingredient.

Top 5 things for itchy skin:

1. Feed a food that’s good for your dog’s skin

2. Safely eliminate fleas

3. Provide immediate itch relief

4. Consider supplements

5. Visit your dog’s veterinarian regularly

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