Bichon + iPhone = fun postcards, no desktop needed

2009 March 30

Having an iPhone means that our Luna gets her picture taken a lot. The cute things she does at the park, playing, sleeping, more playing, time with the family… it is so much fun to catch her in every day situation.

Of course, we sync the iPhone with iPhoto on our Mac when we connect the two. Then we can do all kinds of things with those photos. A couple weeks ago we found Lifecards. An iPhone application that is super easy to use to create postcards and photo collages right on the iPhone… no desktop needed!

The program is $2.99 in the iTunes app store right now. When you launch Lifecards, you have 350 templates to choose from. They are broken down into 20 categories; flowers, leisure, nature, stamped, water, winter, wood are just a few of those. They vary from one photo to four photos per template.

Choose a template, select pictures from your iPhone’s Photo Album, resize and position as you please, add some text (choose font, color, size) and then save. Lifecards wraps it all together into a single image that you can email from your iPhone or sync to your desktop on the next connection. We really like a couple seamingly simple features; when you exit the program it saves where you are so you don’t loose a collage you started but isn’t done, and you if you change your mind and want to change the template non of your photos or text is lost.

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