Bichon Frise Dog Protects iPhone

2010 June 11

We have a bit of an investment in our notebook computers and our iPhones. They get used every day and both have a lot of miles on them as they travel everywhere with us. Sadly, we aren’t able to take our little Bichon, Luna, everywhere with us too. Since we love to have her around and we need to keep our phone and computers scratch free, we have them all protected with simple skins.

The ‘skins’, as they are called, are thin nylon removable covers. Easy on and easy off, the sticky stuff they use on these do not leave any goop behind when we remove them… to update with a new picture. The picture on our protectors have images on them that we took ourselves. The services we use Unique Skins allows a person to upload any image to make protective skins for a variety of phones, notebooks and other mobile devices. The ones below that we did ran less than $10 so it’s pretty affordable ‘protection’ and gives us another picture to take with us. You can use any picture, kids, vacation spots, and such… you choose.

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