Choosing Your Bichon Frise Puppy Dog

2009 March 11

It was a short two years ago when we decided to get a Bichon puppy and found a prestigious breeder in our local area. After some back and forth communications we arranged a date and time to view a few week old recently born litter of puppies to pick out our little powder puff angel. We arrived and were met with three little white female Bichon puppies that had their first baths that morning. They were all so cute with their big raison eyes and noses! They were also so tired and wanted to sleep. Not much movement was happening and the breeder was doing her best to “wake up” the puppies. All the puppies were gravitating to my husband and crawled up on his lap to sleep. Finally, one little puppy came to life and was playful with us and seemed to be having a good time with us and she seemed to be a good match for us so we decided to pick her and that is how Luna came about.

You can find so many articles in books, magazines, and on the internet about tips for choosing the right puppy; you don’t want one that is too aggressive, you don’t want one that is too shy, you do want one that is alert and playful etc…Visit here to read more.

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