Starbucks Coffee for your Bichon Frise Dog!

2009 March 8

Our Bichon- Luna loves coffee! We have no idea how this came about as we most certainly Do Not give her coffee but, there must be something in the smell of it as each time we have coffee at home or especially go through the Starbucks drive-through, Luna literally goes nuts. Her nose starts desperately sniffing the air and she is almost salivating. As soon as our coffee comes out the drive-through window and into our hands, Luna is all over us! So, for those of you who want your Bichon’s to have their coffee too, here is an option – the Starbarks plush doggy toy! We know that this coffee toy probably just pleases us Bichon owners and our Bichon’s will certainly have a good-ol-time chasing it around the house but, this is our way of giving our beloved Bichon’s their very own cup-o-coffee! Visit here.

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