2009 February 9

World famous author Barbara Taylor Bradford is also a Bichon Frise lover! This is a photograph of Barbara and her two Bichon Frise puppies, Beaji and Chammi, taken by world-renowned photographer Kent Gavin of London. Kent positioned the three Bradford girls underneath a wonderful old painting in the drawing room of Barbara’s Manhattan apartment. Chammi is squashed up next to Barbara, whilst Beaji rests against a black velvet cushion from Venice. The wonderful thing about Bichons is that they don’t shed, are always cheerful and happy; in fact, they seem to be forever wearing a smile.
Barbara and her husband Bob have always loved the Bichon Frise as a breed, and she is so enamored of them that she wrote about them in her novel VOICE OF THE HEART, which was published in 1983. Barbara is reproducing a segment from the book which gives details about the dogs and their ancient history.”
Visit Barbara’s pooch page for more information and pictures.

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