Dog Food Dangers! Information You Need Now

2010 November 2

Sharda just sent us an email about her new package of eBooks and audio files on the Dangers in Dog foods, Diet and Nutrition. We have bought several of her other books so this was a easy purchase for us. She included The Complete Guide to Dog Nutrition as well as several eBooks on making food for your Bichon.

Sharda offers several packages from just the above to a full library of Allergies, Food for Finicky Eaters, treats, biscuits, the list goes on…

Part of her letter included:

We have all heard the “horror stories” about the tainted, and sometimes toxic, dog foods on the market, AND ABOUT ALL THE DOG FOOD RECALLS.

Many of us are aware of the poor quality, sometimes useless, filler ingredients in many commercial dog foods and the dangers of many foods cooked in our homes for our dogs.

Even if you prepare your dog’s food at home, there’s the danger of feeding the wrong type of food. They can rob your dog of… IT’S ENERGY, IT’S HEALTH, AND OF IT’S VERY LIFE ITSELF.

You are probably just like me, and like most responsible dog owners, just want the best for your dog within a certain budget, right?

Take a look at the packages Sharda offers here… your Bichon may just thank you for it.

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