Popular Names For Your Bichon Frise Puppy!

2010 January 10

Did you get a darling Bichon puppy for Christmas? Or are you welcoming a Bichon into your heart and home? Some might already have a name picked out and some might not. Some might want to “get-to-know” their little puppy a bit better first and appoint an appropriate name for its personality. Either way you and your family decide to go about naming your puppy, you might find it entertaining to see the below most popular dogs names!.

Males: Females:

1. Max                   1. Bella

2. Jake                   2. Lulu

3. Buddy                3. Mia

4. Bo                      4. Sadie

5. Sam                   5. Daisy

6. Buddy                6. Ginger

7. Buster                7. Fifi

8. Mario                 8. Coco

9. Dino                  9. Gucci

10. Duke               10. Lucy

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