Do you clean your Bichon Frise’s Ears?

2012 August 19

Ear cleaning is part of grooming and having a healthy and happy Bichon. When we lived in the South, the humidity would cause our Bichon – Luna to get ear infections and that would require a trip to the vet along with us coming home with vet ear cleaner and meds. Luna does not particularly like having me clean her ears…..I don’t know if it is itchy or what as her little foot gets going like when I find a “itchy” spot for her. Either way, it is important that her floppy Bichon ears remain healthy. I found this article and and ‘how to’ on cleaning ears and thought it was pretty helpful. However, I always recommend talking to you vet about anything you will give or use on your Bichon to find out if it is safe and the proper ways to administer it.

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