Gluten Free vs. Vegan Diet for Your Bichon Frise

2011 August 17

Having recently moved to sunny wine country in Northern California we are encountering many new things and one of the newest is that there are lots of folks that are Vegan or Gluten Free aside from many things being Organic and Natural. Having just moved from the South where everything is pretty much steak, deep-fried, and potions bigger than you can handle, this whole thing with special diets (whether necessary, a new way of life, or just a fad) are very hip happening in our new town. One of the most interesting is that there are even dogs on Gluten Free or Vegan diets.

Growing up we were taught that dogs are meat eaters and should eat meat and not much grains. Today however, your dog it seems can eat exactly the way you eat and still remain healthy if you are on a Gluten Free or Vegan diet.  Our Bichon Frise Luna currently is on a Purina diet where she gets her healthy helping of dry dog food and we give her healthy snacks like fresh asparagus, broccoli florets, carrots, apples and she really likes baby bok choy too. Is your Bichon Vegan or Gluten Free? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. An interesting article to read on this can be found here.

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