French Hotel For Dogs – Ooh La La!

2011 March 24

Being touted as one of the first doggy hotels in France, Actuel Dogs located just outside the fashion capital of Paris, is the newest first-class hotel catering to dogs. Costs are around 35 Euro  ($48) a night and entitled your beloved pooch to treatments like swimming in a heated pool, massage, salon and spa, doggy walking and doggy jogging. Dogs stay in luxury suites not kennels as they are not caged. The suits are tiled, have doggy cushioned -couches, framed artwork on the walls of dogs,  have televisions and DVDs for your pooches television times, have actual drapes on the windows and are clean and fresh smelling. Visit here for Details! Woudn’t all our Bichon Frise fluff balls enjoy a stay at Actual Dogs….attention, attention, attention….would make my Luna swoon!

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