Keeping Your Bichon Frise Paws Safe During Winter

2011 February 2

Keep your Bichon Frise safe during the harsh winter months! Snow, Salt and de-Icing products can be harmful for your Bichon Frise. We found this product online – PawPro. Like with any product that you will use on your Bichon, it is best to consult with your Vet first!!  Details here.

  • PawPro is Easy to Use: Simply spray your pet’s paws before heading out and your pet is protected from winter salt damage.
  • PawPro is the Healthy Choice: PawPro protects your pet’s paws from salt and ice during winter walks, and prevents future health issues with paw damage. Left on the fur, PawPro will contribute to the natural sheen and act as a moisturizer for the pads.
  • PawPro is the Safe Choice: PawPro is non-toxic and 100% safe for your pet. Pets will naturally ingest a small amount of PawPro when they lick their paws and fur. PawPro is veterinarian approved.
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