Tricks My Bichon Frise Can Do! What Tricks Does Your Bichon Do?

2011 January 13

Does your Bichon do any tricks? Have you trained your Bichon Frise to do tricks? When our Luna was a puppy – probably around 6 months old, my husband taught her pretty quickly how to “shake hands” and “dance” and he would hold up a treat over her head and have her stand straight up on her hind legs and twirl in a circle. Luna just loves to please us and have us cheer and clap for joy when she does a trick.

A couple years later and now Luna is 4 yrs old! My-oh-my where the time has gone. We have been working to train Luna to “Lay Down” and this is just her plopping over onto her side and that is perfect. She has been a tiny bit more stubborn this time around and rather shakes hands but we have been persistent. Its so cute as Luna gets over-the-top excited when we are working with her to “lay down” and her fluffy tail will wag super fast and she comes right up to you and practically sits on you. For training treats and just about all Luna’s treats we use simple veggies like broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, snow peas, asparagus, and baby carrots and Luna just loves these.  It took a couple weeks of being persistent and going through a few snow peas and broccoli florets but all of a sudden Luna laid down on command and boy did we cheer her!! She was so happy!! Now, we try every couple days to get her to lay down and she will start wagging that tail and looking at us out of the corner of her beautiful Bichon eyes and sometimes just not do it and other times lay down right away. Either way, its so much fun for us and for Luna as she gets lots of attention and healthy treats.

We saw a YouTube video once where there is a Bichon named Belle and Belle does all kinds of tricks and its so fun to watch. Does your Bichon do tricks? Have you been successful in training your Bichon Frise to perform some tricks? What have you found to be a good method, commands? We would love to hear from  you.

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