A bed for those warm Bichons

2010 December 29

Our little Bichon loves to lay where it’s soft when she is in a cuddling mood. Sure, there are times a hard cold floor is just right on her tummy, but generally she’s a cuddler.

An issue we have had with her snuggling in is that she gets very hot. She doesn’t nap well when she is overheating. We have the ceiling fan on when she is in her favorite round rimmed bed but even then she tries to stretch out to cool off. It is hard for her to do this with the raised sides all the way around. We have tried one of the thick pillow beds but she likes to either put her nose under the outter edge or her head up on that edge of the round bed.

When at a friend’s house this last holiday weekend, we saw what we thought might be the perfect solution. The couldn’t remember where they got it and after sweeping through the local pet stores we were getting concerned.

The bed is open front and partial sides, yet the back third has a soft raised lip… just right to nose tuck or support her head when she wants to watch us while laying down.
Cesar Millan Olive Bolster Cuddler Dog Bed – Olive – 42″ found on the Designer Living.
The bed’s surface is made with Microtec fabric which is not only super soft but is a breathable microfiber material for your pet’s comfort. Luxurious extra filling and side bolsters provides more even more comfort in this cuddler. Each bed is designed with a non-skid bottom and removable zippered cover for ease in washing.”

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